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Turning Resolutions into Reality

Lori Dubuc, ACC, Managing Partner, Infinite Strategies Group, LLC

As I sat in a local coffee shop a few days ago, I couldn’t help but overhear two men talking about their New Year’s resolutions to exercise more.  They, like millions of other well-intentioned Americans, had already given up on the resolution they had made only a few short weeks earlier.

For most of us, making changes in our lives can be difficult. We want to start fresh, make commitments —exercise more, get organized, save more—and the list goes on. But the fact of the matter is…New Year’s resolutions are usually made to be broken…unless you use them as a springboard for making long-term sustainable change.

Another approach to resolutions, or any life change really, is to take a minute to view your life through a new lens. Think of a camera lens, where you can focus in or zoom out depending on the picture you’re trying to take.  The “picture” you’re trying to capture is your true vision for yourself. Are your goals in alignment with the person you are today or want to become? What in your life is helping perpetuate that vision and what is holding you back?  Do you strive to be a better version of you and if so, what’s stopping you?

These are the exact questions I wanted to lean over and ask the two gentlemen sitting next to me in the coffee shop. No, I didn’t butt into their conversation and offer my two cents, though if I had, I would have asked if they’d considered the catalyst for choosing this particular resolution or possible obstructions to it? Did they think about the reality of fitting in more exercise given their current personal and professional commitments? Were they willing to make sacrifices in other areas of their life to make room for more exercise?  Statistics show that 80% of American’s break their New Year’s resolutions within 20 days of making them…maybe because the goal was unrealistic to begin with?

So take a minute to look through that different lens and focus in.  You might just find that those short-term resolutions become long-term goals that support your vision for yourself. 

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