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Championing Change

Lori Dubuc, ACC, Managing Partner, Infinite Strategies Group, LLC

Change is an inevitable part of today’s rapid pace business environment. Yet statistics show that only 20-30 percent of companies successfully implement a change initiative.  So what’s the secret to their success? A clear vision, prepared leaders and the right talent.

Here are a few tips for leaders and change managers to successfully implement change in your organization:

  1. Share your vision.  Paint a picture of the end state you’re trying to achieve and be crystal clear about how this change will impact all levels of the organization.

  2. Talk, don’t type. Train and equip your leaders to deliver a compelling case for change in a face-to-face setting. Create forums for two-way dialogue, especially to address employee questions or concerns.

  3. Tighten your talent gap. Is your current workforce capable of maintaining productivity in the newly changed organization? Do you need to hire other employees to fill competency gaps? Be sure to consider how your talent pool will be impacted by the change and plan for it. 

Sustainable change is the end game, but no one said it would be easy getting there!  Sharing a clear vision, executing a well thought out communications plan, and ensuring the right talent pool is in place, are among the most critical elements of championing change in your organization.

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