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What is Your Game Changer?

Human Resources Consulting, CoachingLori Dubuc, ACC, Managing Partner, Infinite Strategies Group, LLC

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks.  You know when we talk about “a-ha” moments or game changers?  That was my time to grasp the moment..

It was the sticky, hot season and the adults were fishing and cleaning their temporary floating shacks.  The children were busy running around in their birthday suits playing joyfully, their stomachs distended from malnutrition. 

I’d seen these images before, but in magazines or on TV…not right in front of my eyes. These people…these children…had no say in their lot in life…their only choice was in how they chose to perceive their lives.

At that instant, something became crystal clear to me. Life provides many opportunities and I CAN choose to live a fulfilling life.  I choose how the events of my life will shape me. Am I going to let the fear of “what if” rule my life or am I going to truly live? 

Not everyone needs to travel half way across the world to see the majesty of our lives, but for me it was a “wake up call.”  At that moment, I chose to begin my new journey. .  It was time to invest in Lori Dubuc.  After 20+ years in Corporate America, spent mostly at Fortune 500 companies, I followed my heart and began Infinite Strategies Group. We say that we’re in the business of “transforming organizations and people,” but our simpler vision is to put the “human” back in the workplace.  We do this by working with organizations who want to be successful, while becoming great places to work and we work with leaders and individuals to hone their talents and grow in a direction of their choosing.

Just a tad over one year in business and life is good.  I tell you all this to illustrate that we all have “game changing” moments in our lives.  They are what we choose to see.  While the path of entrepreneurship is not for everyone, there are many ways to get more satisfaction from our personal life and career.  As leaders, as employees, as humans, we all have the opportunity to positively impact ourselves and those around us.

Hurray for game-changers and may you find and embrace them in your own lives.

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." — Albert Einstein


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